self documentation in reflective surfaces via iPhone 2012-2014


As long as I have been taking photos I have been doing self portraiture - in fact there was a few year period where I would spend an hour or so a day documenting myself. Not out of narcissism but out of fascination of self realization and growth - the visual changes vs. the changes in my space and time. As those years passed I slowly started doing that less and less - life became busier and my time was being consumed in other ways.

In more recent months I have been sorting through my thirty something thousand item photo library - (talk about the experience of time travel) - somewhere in between 2012 and right now I for the most part stopped documenting myself to the extent that I once did - full self shoots slowly faded into one or two photos taken in some form of reflective surface (mostly mirrors) via iPhone. I started gathering all of these into their own album out of pure curiosity - I was astonished to find as many as I did and the variation in surfaces // locations // self changes.

I felt captivated enough by the multiplicity of these photos to write about them and put it out there into the world - a digital installation of sorts - a method of self time travel.