half wet: flood book november - january

The term flood book may be synonymous with journal, sketchbook, diary etc. I choose to refer to it as a flood book because I attempt to keep an honest open relationship with its pages, so that I am able to physically drain my mind. I find it very important to exorcise creativity daily whether it comes easily or not. Keeping a flood book has become a ritualistic practice in documenting and exploring my expansion as a human and an artist. More often than not I find some of my best work appears in these books. The most recent one I filled was half submerged in water due to my water bottle opening into my back pack. It remained damp for nearly a week (because nothing dries in Washington) and underwent some interesting transformations because of that. Some images and words were washed away, others diffused themselves through multiple pages, and some became mirrored. This post contains some of my favorite spreads from this particular half wet flood book which was started the November 3rd 2013 and completed January 23rd 2014.